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Nge-Lab : Disable, Enable & Uninstall package in MikroTik

Purpose of Learning

  • To know how to enable, disable, and uninstall package.
Basic Concepts
  • Disable is the command to not connecting the internal or external devices in the configurration settings.
  • Enable is the command to connect internal or external devices in the configuration settings.
  • Uninstall is deleting an application, package or program that has been installed on the computer.


1. First step, open winbox to remotely Mikrotik, after entering into winbox, select the system then packages.

2. Then will be seen a lot of packages are available, after that click the packets in the disable to enable, by clicking the disable package and click Enable.

3. After that, will be appear the note "schedule for enable"

4. Reboot the routerboard, by go to System > Reboot > yes

5. When finished rebooting, login again to winbox, and try to check the package, and it would seem that the package was disabled are now was enabled.

1. Click package and then click Disable.

2. After that will appear the words "schedule for disable"

3. As usual after disable reboot first, by going to System > Reboot > yes

4.  After that will be seen that the package was enable are now was disable.

1. Before you uninstall a package, it's well to see the capacity of the harddisk first,  go to system > resources

2. After that will be seen a free hard drive capacity, that is 1975.8MiB

3. Then to uninstall the package, open system > package,
after that select the one package that will be uninstalled, and then click the package and select Uninstall.

4. Then will appear the words "schedule for uninstall"

5. After that, for rebooting, go to system > reboot > yes

6. After complete rebooting, to make sure its complete uninstall, open resources  again and then will be seen the capacity of the harddisk after the uninstall process will be different than before.

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