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Nge-Lab : Installation MikroTik with GNS3

Purpose of Learning

  • To know how to install MikroTik
  • To know how to configure at GNS3
  • To know how to install MikroTik using qemu
Basic Consepts
    • GNS3 is a graphical network simulator that  allows simulation of complex networks.
    • Qemu is an emulator application that relies on binary translation to achieve speed when running on the host computer architecture. In connection with the host computer. Qemu provide a device model that allows to run different operating systems that have not been modified so that it can be displayed in a virtual hosted machine monitor.

    1. First step, open CMD as administrator, and then type the command cd .. to get out of the system 32

    2. Then type the command cd .. again to get out of the windows.

    3. After that, typing the command cd "Program Files" so we go to the Program Files folder.

    4. Then typing the command cd GNS3 whose purpose was for us to go to the folder GNS3.

    5. Then type the command qemu-img.exe create -f qcow2 mikrotik.img 256M

    6. After that, copy the Mikrotik ISO to folder GNS3, if the following warning appears, selecct continue.

    7. And then typing the command qemu.exe mikrotik.img -boot d -cdrom "mikrotik.iso"

    8. After that will appear qemu screen and will run automated processes, waiting until the next step.

    9. Then will come a lot software to be installed, press a if you want to select all, then press the i then y then y again.

    10. And then will run an automatic process, wait until the process is  complete.

    11. After that will be asked to reboot, press enter to reboot, and exit the program.

    12. Then open GNS3, select  Edit > Preferences, then Qemu. Perform test settings, if you see a green writing, it means qemu on GNS3 can already be used.

    13. After that, click on Qemu Guest, enter the identifier name, and binary image. Then click save.

    14.After that, click Apply then Ok

    15. Then go to Edit > Symbol Manager. Put the router to the list that will be run, change the name and the type  of change into Qemu Guest, and click Apply.

    16. After that click Ok.

    17. Then click on the image that contains the hardware. Then drag image of the router (Mikrotik) to the middle of the screen.

    18. Then after the router (Mikrotik) is already in the middle of the screen, click Start to run.

    19. Then after clicking start on the router, will run automatically boot of the router.

    20. Then enter a username and password to login, Until appear like this.

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